Dr. John Francis Williams conceived Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church on May 13, 1967. He and a group of conscientious and dedicated Christians met to formally begin plans for the formation of an organism that was to grow, both physically and spiritually. Shiloh received her name on May 15, 1967 Minnesota on November 30, 1967. Shiloh took up residence at 860 Hague Ave., formally known as Midwest Tabernacle, on May 21, 1967.

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church evolved out of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church with a membership of 60 individuals. Dr. Williams became the Pastor elect. He served and led Shiloh to higher heights during his two years and ten months tenure at Shiloh. Under his pastoral leadership, Shiloh's membership grew steadily, forming a strong root system. Shiloh began affiliations with Progressive Baptist Convention in March 1968 and into the Minnesota State Convention in April 1969. On March 15, 1970, he resigned his post.

During the period of April 6, 1970 through May 8, 1971, Rev. C.S. Jones served as the interim pastor, while greatly holding the church together (yet in its crawling stage).

On May 8, 1971, Rev. Robert Porter of Kansas City, Kansas accepted the call to pastor Shiloh. Under Pastor Porter’s leadership, the church began to grow again and had great success in training youth and young adults through its Baptist Training Union (BTU) and Sunday School programs. In 1972, Shiloh became a part of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. Shiloh also helped support a mission station for poor children in Haiti. Other programs established during the tenure of Pastor Porter were the On-Site Hot Meals Program, The Fair Share Program, and The Release Time Program. Pastor Porter continually encouraged Shiloh to try to become a 100% tithing church. The last payment was made on the building in September 1988.  To celebrate this occasion, a mortgage burning ceremony was held. Reverend Porter led Shiloh for 17 plus years before accepting another call in September 1988.

On December 15, 1988, Rev. Willie Hudson accepted the call to pastor Shiloh after serving as interim pastor for a brief period. He became the third pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Under the pastoral leadership of Rev. Hudson, the Nurture for Baptist Convention (NBC) was implemented. The National Baptist Convention supported this program. Shiloh was the first Baptist church in the Twin Cities to implement the NBC program. Membership in the Minnesota State Convention was reactivated and Shiloh became an active participant.

Shiloh experienced continued growth and stability during this period.   As the church continued to grow, Shiloh also continued its active support in many missionary endeavors, including the United Negro College Fund, Union Gospel Mission and the On-Site Feeding Program. Reverend Hudson resigned his post in October 1990.

The baton was passed on to Rev. Carl Walker, with the charge to carry on in the interim until June 1991, at which time the church elected Rev. Steve Daniels, Jr.  Reverend Daniels accepted the charge to move forward and was installed as the fourth pastor in Shiloh’s then 24-year history on August 18, 1991.

Under Pastor Daniels’ leadership, Shiloh has grown tremendously and many new souls have united with us and many have given their lives over to Christ.  The sanctuary, education wing, dining hall and kitchen at 860 Hague were all remodeled and two 15-passenger vans have been purchased.  The Junior Church was re-established, a nursery was organized, a prayer line was developed, daily prayer services were held, a media ministry was established, 8:00 AM worship services and Wednesday noonday Bible Study were also added.  As a part of our missionary and outreach endeavors, Shiloh began aired radio broadcasts on February 4, 1996 on KSGS 950 AM.  This broadcast served as an effort to reach lost and brokenhearted souls via the airwaves to those who could not and/or may not have attended church.  Also, in May 2005, Shiloh launched a newly revamped website.

The free On-Site Feeding Program, which originally just provided meals on Sundays for local college students was expanded to Tuesday and Thursday; and has now evolved into its current Monday through Friday schedule and provides meals to the community at large.  A foreign mission ministry was established in an effort to provide aid to our sister church in Monrovia, Liberia.  Pastor Daniels continues to add new ministries to assist in doing God’s work both inside the church and in the community, as well as to feed our souls spiritually, physically and personally.  Some of these ministries include the Women of the Word, Men Standing for Christ, Young Adult, Youth, ImPossible Young Men's Ministry, Health and Wellness, Higher Learning, Community Resource and Evangelism.

In 2003, The Urban Partnership & Community Development Center (UPCDC) was formed, which provides outreach programs and services to our senior citizen community.   Also in November of 2003, we closed on the land at 501 West Lawson Avenue in St. Paul, which is now the new home of the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church.  Pastor Daniels encouraged each of us to “Become the Vision” and that vision has been realized in our beautiful new church edifice.  Since our “Grand Opening Celebration Weekend” in July 2007, we have had gospel concerts, CD releases, a community blood drive, a mural unveiling, a community fun festival, evangelized to the community, as well as receive new members into our congregation.  We continue our work as we lift up the name of Jesus Christ.

Under the leadership and vision of Shiloh’s man of God, Pastor Steve Daniels, Jr., many more projects are being planned, including Phase II of our building project and capital campaign.  We believe that God is still blessing us and will guide and strengthen us as we go forth in His name.

Pastor Daniels has worked to rebuild unity and Christian fellowship amongst the congregation and helped to refocus Shiloh on our true purpose, Kingdom building!!