God is showering his blessings on Shiloh in a mighty way.  Through prayer, supplication and God’s unwavering grace and mercy we have seen our membership grow!  In 1991 we had fewer than 100 members; today we have over 2000.  Shiloh has not only grown in numbers, but in ministries that provide for the spiritual and physical growth of all its members.  We have added ministries such as Men Standing for Christ (MSFC), Women of the Word (WOW), Praise Dance, Health & Wellness, Financial Planning, Girl Scouts, and Young Adult Ministry (YAM).  We have expanded the Foreign Mission and organized the Urban Partnership and Community Development Center.  The growth in membership and ministries would not have been possible without a clearly defined and God ordained vision.

The Bible’s definition of “vision” is: Spiritual understanding or a prophetic revelation from the Word of God.  In 1999, the Word came from God that the plans He had for Shiloh could not be fulfilled in our South location.  On July 22nd, 2007 we held our first service at our new North location and continued the work we were called to do. The opening of Shiloh North has allowed us to better accommodate our members and increase our presence in the St. Paul community. Since our move to the North location we have experienced year over year membership growth and have worked to increase our presence in our new neighborhood.

It is now time for us to move to the next level in fulfilling this vision. In order to carry out the vision we must begin "Striving with Vision". The road ahead may seem difficult and given the state of the economy it may sometimes seem impossible. We have learned that what is impossible for man is an opportunity for God.Nehemiah wanted the leaders to know that God not only ordained their mission to build, but He would also be with them in this endeavor.  The people responded with excitement.  God said that if He is for us, He is more than the world against us.  Knowing this we should be confident and excited about the wonders God is performing in this ministry and in our lives.  It is time for us to rise up and build; it is time for us to “Become the Vision”.

In order to “Strive with Vision” we must:

  • Have faith that this work is ordained by God
  • Trust in the Lord to bring it to pass
  • Walk by faith and not by sight
  • Believe in the leadership of this ministry
  • Work together in unity
  • Support the vision with our resources: Time, Talents and Tithes

Capital Campaign Message........

Our focus now is on the next phase of our journey - Phase II
We must be ready when God gives us His Word to rise up and build.
We want to encourage you to again Catch the Vision, Stretch your Faith and Make the Sacrifice.

We ask that you consider sowing your Time, Talents and Treasures into the next phase of our Church - "Together We Build" Campaign.
Remember, we want to "Preserve our Past as we Build our Future."

Please contact the church office or see any member of the Capital Campaign Ministry for your Capital Campaign Financial Contribution.

"Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
  Hebrews 11:1
So, get ready!  Please Pray that Phase II will glorify God as He does amazing things in and through us.

*2013 Capital Campaign Sunday*

~~ Every 1st Sunday ~~

"Become The Vision"

Be One of Gideon's 300

Contribution Amount Per Member - $33

Contribution Amount Per Youth

$3 - age 3-12

$13 - age 13-21

Campaign begins April 7, 2013 - ends Dec 31, 2013