Reverend Dr. Steve Daniels, Jr. is a native of West Point, MS.  Since his calling to the ministry in 1985, Pastor Daniels has dedicated his life to preaching and teaching the Word of God.  Pastor Daniels is the former pastor of Miller’s Chapel and the Greater Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church of Louisville and Starkville, MS respectively.  He was pastor in Mississippi for six years prior to his calling to his present church, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Saint Paul, MN.

While in West Point, Pastor Daniels attended M. & I Bible College. Later he earned a B.A. degree in Religious Education from Tennessee Baptist School of Religion in Memphis, TN. He then decided to do further study at Bethel Theological Seminary in Saint Paul, MN.  On October 19, 2013, Pastor Daniels received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree and Board of Regents Induction to St. Thomas Christian University - Twin Cities.

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church has grown immensely under Pastor Daniels’ leadership.  Some indications of growth include: 1) an increase to over 3,000 active members; 2) the creation of over 45 ministries; 3) two Gospel Choir recordings and one recording and CD release by Pastor Daniels himself; 4) the acquisition of 3.5 acres of land of which the new home of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church now occupies.

In addition to leading his congregation, Pastor Daniels travels all across the country preaching the profound gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pastor Daniels’ ministry extends beyond American soil.  In 1997, he led a pilgrimage to the Holy Land where he preached in Jerusalem.  He has also been invited to Nigeria and to Haiti.  In February of 2001, he was invited to preach in Monrovia, Liberia by then Pastor Reverend Rudolph Marsh of the Immanuel Baptist Church. In addition to preaching, Pastor Daniels had the opportunity to meet with the Liberian people and with various government officials.  As a result of that visit, Pastor Daniels established a Foreign Mission Ministry, where Shiloh is the sponsor church for Immanuel Baptist Church, which is now Pastored by Rev. Chedegar Joe Morgan, Jr.  The Ministry organized a drive to help aid the Liberian people by sending hundreds of supplies, clothing, medicine, books, tools, etc. to Liberia in June of 2001 and August of 2002.  Financial aid to Monrovia continues to be an ongoing mission of Pastor Daniels and the members of Shiloh.

Pastor Daniels is the former President of the Minnesota State Baptist Congress.  Prior to this appointment, Pastor Daniels was the Evangelism instructor for the Minnesota State Baptist Convention and the President of the Pastor’s Conference of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, MN.  He is also a former board member of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.  In July of 1997, Pastor Daniels hosted the National Evangelism Board in a workshop conducted by the late Dr. E. J. Jones and the late Dr. Manuel L. Scott, Sr. This was the first National Baptist Convention work ever done by the Minnesota State Baptist Convention.  As a result, the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., under Dr. William J. Shaw’s leadership, was held in the Twin Cities in September 2001.  Pastor Daniels was the Co-Chairman of the Host Committee and preached in Late Night Service.

Pastor Daniels was a board member of the International Foreign Ministries Board, along with Dr. Pat Robertson of the 700 Club and Bishop John Gimenez of the Rock Church.  In September of 2002, the late Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota invited Pastor Daniels to Capital Hill.  He participated in a Senate Democratic Steering Committee meeting of African American religious leaders from across the nation.  They discussed key budget priorities of issues affecting the African American and inter-religious communities, including education, healthcare, affordable housing, reauthorization of social services and faith-based programs.

Pastor Daniels has received many accolades for his leadership abilities in the church and in the community.  He was awarded Who’s Who in American Professionals in 1996, the Servant Leadership Award by the Minnesota Chapter International Black Women’s Congress in 2000, and has received numerous awards from the NAACP and other civic organizations.  In November of 2005, Pastor Daniels led a humanitarian delegation, which included Saint Paul Mayor Randy Kelly, to Poplarville, MS, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  The delegation met with several African American ministers to strategize on ways Minnesota could assist them socially and economically.  Under Pastor Daniels’ leadership, Shiloh's Home Mission continued the effort by assisting victims in Louisiana, Mississippi and evacuees in the Twin Cities with food, clothing, school supplies, personal items and financial donations.

On September 19, 2009, the city of Saint Paul signed a proclamation re-naming the corner of Kent and Lawson to Rev. & Mrs. Steve Daniels, Jr. Drive, an honor that is truly noteworthy.

Finally, Pastor Daniels is a family man.  In 2004, the Saint Paul Urban League awarded the Family of the Year Award to the Daniels family, where Julian Bond was the keynote speaker.  He has been married to Rosa Swift Daniels since October 1972.  They are the proud parents of three children: Latanya, Steven (Aja) and Delphanie Daniels; and one grandson: Caleb and one granddaughter: Jayla.  All of his children are very active in the ministry.